A SOUVENIR® has irreplaceable, emotional value and positive memories attached. if you’ve ever lost one, you understand.  When we think of what we wore, like a scent or song, we remember where we went and how we felt.  A remarkable birthday, an unforgetable vacation, a dream date.

Souvenir’s founder, Stefanie believes fashion can create happiness and wellness through this connection with our material things. She believes objects hold energy, including those we choose to decorate ourselves with.

Stefanie designs a destination wardrobe to be collected as works of art, not seasonal fast fashion which is thrown away. Her focus is on the highest quality natural fiber textiles; like 100% Mulberry Silk, which has lower impact on the environment and more health benefits than synthetics and garment dyed goods.

She wants you to enjoy life, explore the world, learn and mix cultures – Create memories in her clothes – then keep them to wear and remember, forever.



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